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November 26, 2011
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Because Advent calendars are cool ^^

This year I would do something for Christmas, so I decided to draw some horses for people who watched me, commented in my artwork, buy me commission...

So I started to pick people who follow me, and I initially choose (only) 15 (it was very hard), but after that, I just say to myself : "Why not make an advent calendar for that". I can choose 9 people more (yeah !!! But still hard to choose).

For make my choice, I look ho commented the most recently, who watch me first (and still active), who ask me for my first commission and most important who have horses in their gallery. After that, I have so many people that I must choose some randomly, sorry for the other.

The little draws I made are very simple, don't excepting too much, I made each one in 15-30 minutes top.
I choose the horse I draw in your gallery, that must be a horse from your stable, a OC, a real horse or just a random horse I found (but only when I don't find something else). The most of time, I draw him in the pose of I find them in the reference.

All draw are already made so don't ask me anything.

I will edit this deviation every day between the first and the 24th December and upload each draw individually, but all draw will not be show in the order of the pic. The order in the pic is totally random, like the order of apparition. This order is already chosen, so don't ask me anything for that neither.

Here the deviants who will have a Christmas present from me this year :

:iconbecks77: :iconaspi-galou: :icontumblepatchkits: :iconvica2010:
:iconcali13: :iconwildhorse027: :iconpatchesofheaven74: :iconsmudge-92:
:iconsassykatt1: :iconkiradelfe: :iconjockeyy: :iconfillyfalls:
:icontallycat: :iconmagicwindsstables: :icondasiypie123: :iconv13raptor:
:icondreamingofhorses67: :iconcookielovexo: :iconradequdais: :icondrache-lehre:
:iconlosrebeckos: :iconx-kida-x: :iconminou-c: :iconpretty-mimi:

That must be my longer description since I'm on DeviantArt (don't like write ^^).

Edit 1 : you can find the one for ~nativecentaur here [link]
Edit 2 : The second one, for ~Vica2010 is here [link]
Edit 3 : You can find the 3th for *v13raptor here [link]
Edit 4 : You can find the 4th for ~wildhorse027 here [link]
Edit 5 : You can find the 5th for *DreamingOfHorses67 here [link]
Edit 6 : You can find the 6th for ~pretty-mimi here [link]
Edit 7 : You can find the 7th for =jockeyy here [link]
Edit 8 : You can find the 8th for *Sassykatt1 here [link]
Edit 9 : You can find the 9th for ~MagicWindsStables here [link]
Edit 10 : You can find the 10th for ~CookieLoveXO here [link]
Edit 11 : You can find the 11th for ~patchesofheaven74 here [link]
Edit 12 : You can find the 12th for ~becks77 here [link]
Edit 13 : You can find the 13th for ~LosRebeckos here [link]
Edit 14 : You can find the 14th for *Tumblepatchkits here [link]
Edit 15 : You can find the 15th for ~kiradelfe here [link]
Edit 16 : You can find the 16th for ~dasiypie123 here [link]
Edit 17 : You can find the 17th for ~cali13 here [link]
Edit 18 : A little earlier, you can find the 18th for *Drache-Lehre here [link]
Edit 19 : Again erlier, you can find the 19th for =smudge-92 here [link]
Edit 20 : It's the last I will post early, and it's the 20th for ~Minou-C you can find here [link]
Edit 21 : You can find the 21th for *TallyCat here [link]
Edit 22 : You can find the 22th for *Fillyfalls here [link]
Edit 23 : You can find the 23th for *Aspi-Galou here [link]
Edit 24 : You can find the last one for *x-Kida-x here [link]
Edit 25 : As this calender is over, I put a flash version instead of the big picture, have fun with it, and tell me if you see bug.
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Taiya001 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is really cute
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:OOOO this is AMAZING!
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This was so, very very sweet of you and I like the concept of it being a flast. Makes it more fun to see them. ^_^
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thank's ^^
Drache-Lehre Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
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